Q: Who is this game for? You seem to be targeting a broad audience.

A: It is an M-rated game, so it’s meant for grownups, but outside of that we have a lot of female players. Obviously, being a video game, we have a lot of younger adult players. But we have players of all ages. We go to Comic-Con, we have 18 to 45 [year-olds]. And because this is a game that is so much about stories and characters, it brings in a broader demographic than a typical shoot-’em-up game.

“meant for grownups but outside of that we have a lot of female players”

are you fucking kidding me

This guy can just go fuck himself twelve ways nasally with his own dick, to be honest. 

What. The. Fuck.


Fuck you Casey Hudson.  Fuck you in the ear.


kind of confused…?

what’s wrong with acknowledging that mass effect has a lot of female fans? it does. i don’t

get what’s wrong?

I’d like to introduce you to a small minority of females on tumblr who like to tear apart whatever is said about girls (Even if it isn’t about girls but a person in general) and then label men sexist and shove insults down their throat.

It only happens to me on a daily basis.

boo hoo poor menz

I’ll give you a hint. It’s the phrase “Outside of that” that gets me mad. I don’t mind that they acknowledge that they have a lot of women who play they games. I’ts that the way this sentence is constructed it seems like he’s saying that women aren’t grown ups. And I do take issue with that thank you very much. 

Have any of you perhaps figured out this isn’t a deliberate go at women who play games, but an incredibly badly worded attempt at trying to say we have both men and women who play these games. I would like to think it was a ‘Oh fuck, what the hell did I say???’ rather than a deliberate attempt to upset its female part of the fandom.

Honestly, I read the “outside of that” as meaning “in addition to” or “aside from that”.  They realize that they have a lot of female players and are acknowledging that.  Poor word choice perhaps, but still and all not anything worth taking this much exception to, especially when you take the entire reply into full consideration.  

Again that really isn’t the point. I get that he’s trying to imply that a surprising amount of women were interested in the game considering that the initial marketing was primarily targeted at the older male gamer demographic. I get that’s what he’s trying to say, but instead of wording it like I just did he worded it in a way that is very revealing of systematic bias and an Othering of literally half of the human population. 

THAT is the problem. THAT is what makes me mad. And I do believe that I get to say that that is not OK and no I won’t be particularly silent about it just because it wasn’t what the person meant to say. He said it. He has to own up to it. 

Or maybe he just miss-worded what he said because he was speaking off the cuff, you know, like how every human being does every now and again.